This sculptures of Ares Gold areĀ theĀ achievement of his first series called: Spirit of revenge.

"It symbolizes a Songye statue from the Congo, to which its mystical charge of yesteryear has been restored and which was stripped by the colonists and then by art collectors who only characterized it as an art object.
The various details that adorn this statue are imbued with modernity but are intended to accentuate the mysterious character proper to the statuettes of this region."
"Spirit of revenge: here is the second achievement of my first series which aims to restore its mystical charge to this work of art. The peaks in this object are supposed to recall the nail fetishes very widespread in Central Africa and particularly in the Congo. These fetishes were intended to provide protection against disease and bad luck. The shiny black color will recall the oozing patina of certain Songye statuettes."

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